Food for Thought


Invest in a duck

Invest in duck


So at half past one.


What’s left of the duck laronge

Is carcass. Good carcass.

So I search for scraps


I’m lost in thought on my childhood dogs

How they would chew bones as if lost in thought


funny how determined they were to get every speck

as I crunch at the neck. As if lost in thought.

Spinach Puree

Hey, is that a new chef coat?

It looks like a new chef coat

It must be a new chef coat

It’s so white.


For now.


You burned the potatoes

Oui chef


You’re a dip shit

Oui chef


This isn’t that fucking hard

         (Apparently it might be)

Oui chef

Oui chef                                                     


You have polio?

         (What, like in my hands?)

No chef

Then plate the food-

Oui chef-


Oui chef


you suck man

Oui chef


Pomme puree is the easiest thing to make

(apparently not) Oui chef


Quit being so fucking lazy

         Oui Chef

         (fuck you chef. Fuck your collared asparagus. Call me stupid

         Call me a shitty cook. Tell me my mother was a moose and my

         Father smelled of elder berry. Say I work like the swine or something worse

         But don’t call me lazy you fucking-)


         Oui chef.


It only takes one body to lessen eternity


It seems like the older you get, the years pass by quicker. From 2 to 3 seems to pass in the same time it now takes to get from 40 to 50. Time is running away from you, exponentially. Faster.

and faster.

Labor Day

“I believe in the dignity of labor, whether with head or hand; that the world owes no man a living but that it owes every man an opportunity to make a living.”
-John D. Rockefeller

The only value we get in our lives is what we put into it. It’s the reason why the happiest, or maybe the better word is satisfied (passionate, inspiring?) people are those who create. Chefs, architects, artists, musicians, the list could go on for a while. The pride we get from creating and sharing is far greater than any we get on the receiving end. Maybe it’s for approval, maybe its to show off but why doesn’t matter as much to me. It’s more a question of how. How well can you do this? How dedicated are you to moving forward? Anything else is just a waste of time. Find work that challenges you and gives you stress. Work that you can care and love. Love, even on the days you hate it.




The man who will comb his beard

but not his hair.



Write Back Soon


is not a color

but a shade.





Write Back Soon

The Foodie

Is tagged in more photos
of food on facebook than
pictures of himself





You all know this guy. Less of a hipster and more Epicurean. A hedonist. A believer of the moment but worried about sustainability. He talks loudly and brags on his heirloom tomatoes (as he should, they are delicious). Undoubtedly, he likes dive bars, Bourdain, foie and uni. What else would you need to know?


Happy chefs make shitty food.


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